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Let yourself be seduced by the harmony of the colours, the precision of the line, the diversity of the subjects...

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Passionate about depicting everyday life and a variety of themes such as women, childhood, horses and the sea, Bruneau has also extended his artistic expression through illustrations, theatre sets and productions for cultural events.

A painter from Nantes

Jean Bruneau, painter born in La Baule on 3 September 1921has left his mark on the art world with his versatile talent. His artistic career began with studies at the Beaux-Arts in Nantes, where he quickly won distinctions, including the city's Grand Prix de Peinture in 1942. His regular exhibitions at the Bourlaouën gallery in Nantes and his participation in international art events consolidated his reputation. In 1974, a retrospective exhibition at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Nantes underlined his artistic importance, with the museum purchasing one of his works.

The Jean Bruneau Association

The association "Jean Bruneau Artiste Peintre," founded in 2013, is committed to preserving and promoting the artistic legacy of Jean Bruneau, who died in 2001. This initiative aims to reveal little-known aspects of his pictorial work, while highlighting his often forgotten cultural contributions. Through exhibitions, editions, reproductions, publications, audio-visual productions and conferences, the association aims to share the richness of Jean Bruneau's art with the public, transcending the passage of time.