Jean Bruneau Association

During his lifetime, a painter's work is discovered and spread through his exhibitions, but after his death it often declines and disappears into general indifference. Jean Bruneau died in 2001, and the "Jean Bruneau Artiste Peintre" association, set up in 2013, aims to make an inventory of all his pictorial work, to help people discover paintings that are unknown to the public and to highlight all the cultural activities he carried out. To this end, it will help with exhibitions, editions, reproductions, publications, audio-visual productions and conferences...

By joining the association, you will be helping to strengthen its representative power in relation to the media, and you will be one of the privileged few who will be able to see the painter's complete body of work.

Annual subscription

Individual member: €15
Couple: €20
Students, jobseekers: €10
Minimum supporting member: €150

For all registrations made in the last quarter of the calendar year, the subscription fee is allocated to the following year,
the months of the current year are free.

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Membership by post

Download, print and return the completed form below, together with your membership fee cheque made payable to the "Association Jean Bruneau".

Jean Bruneau Association
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